Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 Weeks of O

Oscar is going to be a little heartbreaker--his smile (even if it is inspired by gas) is just the cutest thing. I am in love all over again. Perhaps I did get a genuine smile this week...maybe. I think I was sure about Elsie's smiles by about 8 weeks, so I have a little time.

So, time is flying by. It does not feel like it has been 5 weeks, but that's also good because it means that I am strong and capable. Okay, mostly it shows that I have really good survival skills, despite the occasional breakdown. :)

Since we went to the doc on Monday, we did not go to support group at the hospital today to get weighed. Mostly, it's just quite an undertaking to park in the deck, get the babies inside, chase after the toddler, and then do it all in reverse.

We went to Wal-Mart instead and were home for lunch with my hard-working husband. It was a restful day, though there were no naps for this mama. My mind was reeling about other things, about which I will later share.



Anonymous said...

i am like you. i read your posts, but don't always comment. i'm glad to hear the babies are healthy and happy. you keep hanging in there ARE a survivor. even when you break down and cry, you have survived that moment and not hurt anyone in the process. good luck. god bless.

Beaver said...

I hear congrats are in order for your family, Lynde! Very exciting. I hope all goes well for you--little nausea, little fatigue! (We can hope, anyway, right?)