Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 Weeks of O

Eli told me it's time to update the blog. Lucky for him, it's 2 weeks ALREADY! So, today, rather than writing any long paragraphs, I'm just going to post captioned pictures. Anyone dislike this idea? Too bad. :)

This pic is for M, who wanted a belly pic. Excuse the hair. I just showered and we were about to leave for the hospital when I realized I hadn't had any belly pics with this baby. So, later when I see other pregnant women and think, I wasn't that big, I can come back to this picture--the biggest I got with Oscar.

Cheesy baby head.

Going home day, before they cut the tags off.

Coming home--Daddy's eating pizza?

Guy time.

More guy time...only Timmy is AWOL.

On Sunday, A & J came over for a playdate. Stacey left two sheets of foam core here when they went back to Texas, and the kids had the greatest time with it. :)

Mimi got Elsie a toddler-sized couch that unfolds into a nap cot. This is Elsie, yesterday, chilling and licking the crumbs from the bottom of the bowl that held her animal crackers.

This morning, I was holding Oscar, so Elsie went and got her baby doll. Then she put her baby doll in Oscar's carseat.

And then climbed in on top of the doll (had this been Oscar, she would have done the same).

Oscar, this morning, stretched out in the bassinet.

This morning, Elsie climbed up into the chair and decided to eat chips like a big monkey, er...girl.

And that's two weeks at Casa Castor.



Kelly said...

beautiful babies! thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

little oscar is so cute! and elsie is too adorable. congrats on your beautiful family and hope you get time to read soon :)