Saturday, August 7, 2010

15 months

Our little Elsie Jane is 15 months today. 15 months! The time is flying by and I'm amazed at how quickly she is absorbing everything around her. Again, we still are without words (officially) but I feel like she says "hot". For instance, when we open the back door to go out onto the concrete patio, she stops in the doorway, foot poised to step out, and says, "hah." Or if I'm blowing on her food to cool it off, she says "hah." Unfortunately, she says "hah" other times, too, that are not contextually correct. But she understands so much! I am amazed. And she's remembering a lot more than I expect. And she's got random concepts down: She'll dig through the bottom drawer in the kitchen and bring out the wooden fork and spoon salad servers from everything else, because she knows they go together. She'll walk around with the two plastic mugs that we have that say "Erin" and "Elijah" on them, because they obviously go together since they are alike. Something fun that she's started this week is playing with the toy vacuum that J got her for her birthday, but not just making it play music, actually moving it back and forth like a vacuum! It's too cute.

She is a water baby. She loves the pool, she loves the hose, she loves the tub, she tolerates the sprinkler. She's going to be a sad girl when the weather changes.

And, she's eating table food like a pro. She loves fruits and vegetables and is willing to try different textures. So, pretty much, whatever we eat, she can have so long as it doesn't contain nuts. She's drinking whole milk at home, and we still give her stage 2 formula on the go.

She's silly, and she's passionate. How did we get so blessed?

And in other somewhat related news...

Yet another prime number day goes by without 2.0 making a move. Oh, well.
Now for Baby Watch 2010: Friends due in the next week (or so)--JSC, PD, AE, MN, JF. Yes, all of us. MM already had hers, so that's one off of the list. Still five more to go, six if you include me. It's going to be a baby boom. :)


Cheryl said...

No one could ever imagine loving, adoring, respecting or admiring someone so much until they have had a child. Their joy is your joy. Their pain is your pain. Their success is your success. Time goes by so quickly because you are now living their lives instead or your own in many ways. An undefinable mystery of life that only a mother can know I think. The other mystery is that although the children grow, mature and change, this mystery continues. You still live their joy, their pain and their success and you love, adore, respect and admire them in a way that only the mother of grown children can know. God is good - All the time!

Angela said...

I am excited to meet 2.0! I have a little something for your little someone! Praying that all goes smoothly for you this time around. :)

Kelly said...

erin..I love reading your blog. can't wait to hear about baby 2.0. when exactly is your due date??