Thursday, July 1, 2010


We are finally out of the apartment! (Happy July to you, by the way.)

I went early this morning to have our walk-through with the property manager and ceremonially turned in the keys to everything and the remotes to the gate that never really was worth the higher rent. She said there would be no charges and she graciously waived the carpet cleaning charge in our 90% hardwood-floored abode. Gee. Thanks.

We would not have been able to get out on time if it hadn't been for a few key people: C helped us move the living/dining room furniture and washer and dryer; DB helped us move the bedroom furniture, baby furniture, and bookshelves; EW and MWW helped clean the bathrooms kitchen and bedroom when I couldn't handle the fumes; D thought she was coming on vacation, but turns out I tricked her into helping move the last of our junk and cleaning the baseboards; and finally Eli went back last night to get the last of the cleaning supplies and mop the hardwood.

This is such a relief to be done with that part of the summer. Now I just need to get the rest of these boxes unpacked and put the junk away somewhere. And I hope to have that done in the next two weeks or so. My other pre-2.0 goal is to get my maternity leave lesson plans done, and the goal for completion of those is by Monday--I'll be working over the holiday weekend to get it all taken care of. Wish me luck, since my track record with lesson plans is pretty dismal. ;)


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