Friday, July 23, 2010


Well, as of yesterday I was 37 weeks, which is, technically speaking, full term. The words that keep coming to mind are any day now. I had my weekly appointment this morning and the doctor said that he was encouraged, which was encouraging to me.

In other news, Elsie was down for the count yesterday with a high fever but no other symptoms. It was weird. She was lethargic all day and clingy, too. Anyone who has spent any time with her knows that she is not a clingy child, so it was really weird. I called in to Sylvan so that I could stay home with her. We spent a majority of the day on the bed, watching TV, reading, napping, pushing fluids, and eating crackers. I can't believe she actually watched TV with me, because she never watches TV, but I guess when you're not feeling well, it's much easier to be a lump, even at almost 15 months old. Though she almost hit 103 yesterday, she woke up this morning at a cool 97. I wish I could say that she slept last night, but, uh, no. She didn't--not for any considerable lengths of time--and we're all zombies today (at least the adults are...).

Thank you to L for watching Elsie this morning while I went to the doctor. She had a great time hanging out with you and T. :)

I'm going to try to take a nap.


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