Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"ungh-huh" and "uh-uh"

It's cliche'. Dentists ask questions while they have you numbed up with your mouth propped open. And this one was grilling me about the summer reading requirements for incoming seventh graders. Well, his son just finished his book. Does he have to take a test over it? Yes. When can he do that? Two weeks after school starts. But what if he forgets everything before then and bombs the test? Aloud: He'll also have to complete a project on his summer reading book for an additional grade and hopefully the grades will even out. In my head: The library has been open all summer for the kids to come and take AR tests, until this last week when the librarian took her vacation until school starts--your son is a slacker and I hope he's not on my team. Ugh.

He started asking these questions when all I could do was say "ungh-huh" and "uh-uh," but decided that he should wait until everything was out of my mouth. Gee. Thanks. The questions seem harmless because I can't put the right tone into them by writing them out--they were very accusatory and a little annoyed. THIS is why I don't want to teach my medical practitioner's kids. My lip, cheek, tongue, and ear are all very numb. Coincidence? Okay, probably.

Oh, and yesterday everyone was all freaked out about me being pregnant. I forgot to mention that. Today, Mr. Dentist announced that if I went into labor in his chair that all he knew to do was call 9-1-1. Really? We're a quarter mile from the emergency room, and you would call 9-1-1 and have me pay for an ambulance ride for a distance I could probably spit??

I'm thinking I'm going to see the other dentist in his practice in the future. I asked if she was a provider for my insurance, and she is, so that's good. I was also told that she's very good with children, so the business manager suggested that whenever Elsie is put on my insurance (October), we should bring her in for a "happy visit" to start her oral hygiene care off on a positive note. Sounds like a plan.


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Craig-Jen said...

That's funny. But call me crazy...since when do kids have summer homework? I also think that's crazy.

Countdown til baby!!!