Friday, July 9, 2010

My to do list

Before 2.0 comes, I need to (in no particular order, except for maybe 1 and 2):

1. FINISH UNPACKING MY HOUSE!!!! I think this would best be accomplished by breaking it up but I am SO overwhelmed. We need bookshelves--built-ins. Who's volunteering?

2. Finish my sub plans! Did I mention that I'm 35 weeks and Elsie came a week early? Time is running short and I don't want to be working on sub plans in a sleep-deprived stupor. (As far as I know, they haven't actually found a sub for me...)

3. Take the car into the shop (and clean it out beforehand) since it's been doing something weird and it's the only one with air conditioning.

4. Get a driver license with our new/current address, since this is required by the hospital for registration. I am hesitating on this one, though, since I got my newest driver license (as a result of impending expiration) last year on a Tuesday afternoon, and about 14 hours later I went into labor with Elsie.

5. Pack bags for the hospital, and Elsie's overnight bag to stay with friends. Mine is actually almost done--I just need to throw in a nightgown, a robe, and some reading material. I still need to do laundry to get Elsie's together--pajamas and a few changes of clothes, etc.

6. Re-read my childbirth information. I think I'll just go with the flow here, but will probably stave off drugs for as long as possible...again. I am fully aware that I am not in control--a huge revelation since last time around.

7. Get another pedicure. It doesn't matter if I have to do it myself. I desperately need to feel...not ugly, starting with my feet.

8. Re-file (amend) our taxes to more promptly take advantage of our First-time Homebuyer tax credit. If I don't do this soon, it won't happen until next tax year. We need the $$ now, or at least as "now" as the feds are willing to process the paperwork.

9. Clean up/out my classroom. I left it a wreck at the end of school, taught a few summer classes in there, and now I need to get it cleaned for the new school year, but mostly for the substitute--so that I can pretend like I might actually be organized.

10. Look into this idea of chiropractice care for the prominent tailbone issue. It's probably too late, and I'm a little ticked that no one mentioned this earlier...

Anyway, I also have to continue working, so I'm going to get back to it.


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