Monday, July 19, 2010

The End is Near

Yes, summer only holds two more weeks for those of us in southeastern Alabama. Teachers go back to school August 2 (two weeks from today) and students come back the following Monday.

And I'm left to ask, where did the summer go?

Elsie is thoroughly enjoying her time left as an only child, carrying plastic cups and various plastic dishes all over the house and kitchen, stashing them in cabinets and drawers and acting "surprised" when she finds them again. She's also enjoying the act of tormenting the cats, a sweet ritual that starts with her eyeing the cat and saying in the oh so Southern way, "Hi-eee!" That over-syllabified word is enough to make the kits put up their guards right away. And for some reason, as it is with all children, she is more tenacious in pursuing Timmy, the one who least likes to interact with people. He's fluffy! And he's white and has cool eyes! Poor Coco. :)

And, also, today marks the 3-week countdown for the scheduled C-section should Baby Beaver 2.0 not come before. Time is a-tickin, my friends. Time is a-tickin.



Craig-Jen said...

Scheduled C-section? I'm confused, I thought you were vbac bound. Either way, you're gonna find out if it's a boy or girl soon!!!!

Crissy and Kevin said...

we scheduled our c-sect for number 3 last week.. very bittersweet , but I know its what God wants... praying for you sweet friend!

Motorcycle grandma said...

I LOVE the new picture of Elsie on the blog!!!