Monday, July 13, 2009

Dance, Dance, Yeah!

Remember when I posted about the wedding reception we attended on July 4th? Well, shortly after that, Mrs. C over at Next to Heaven put out a call for guest bloggers while I still had dancing on the brain so I decided to tell the story of how I became the entertaining social dancer that I am, hopefully inspiring future generations of groove. I've never met Mrs. C (she's a friend of a sibling of a friend), but have been reading her blog for a couple of months and we are very similar in that we like corny jokes and stupid songs, and I figured it couldn't hurt to tell my silly story to people that read her blog. Go here to read my personal history as I remember it.

So, if you're a regular reader from Next to Heaven who is visiting for the first time, I'm going to put in a shameless plug--please vote for my sweet Elsie in the Chik-Fil-A Show Us the Cow Contest. Veteran readers will know that my favorite food is free food, and the prize is a year's worth of Chik-Fil-A. Please believe me when I say that I get the irony of dressing my baby up like a cow when my family has always associated the name Elsie with cowdom. May this be the last time that I do it...maybe. She was just so cute!

Anyway, today is the day we take her 2-month pictures, so I hope that all goes well! I'll update later about my family visit to Texas. But before I go, I wanted to say, from youngest to oldest:

"Happy 1st Birthday, Buckaroo!"
"Happy Birthday, Brother-in-Law!"
"Happy Birthday, Aunt-in-Law!"
"Happy Birthday, Father-in-Law!"

Anyone I missed?



Sarah said...

Great. Now I'm going to have the Dance of the Cucumber song stuck in my head all day. Pobre tomate, no es triste?, indeed. ;-)

Craig-Jen said...

I voted for Elsie :-) I hope you get your free food!