Monday, July 20, 2009

a casa de nuevo

Thanks to everyone for your words of support and advice.

As of 10 p.m. yesterday, we are at home in Alabama again. Being here now, I have no doubt that we made the right choice.

The flight home was uneventful. There were only thirty people on a plane that holds over 100, and as a result I had an entire 3-seat row to myself with the rows in front, behind, and the three to my left vacant. Nursing Elsie was not a problem, and I wasn't self-conscious. She slept in the Moby wrap until take-off, at which point I was instructed to remove her (I'll have to look up why this is). She nursed for a couple of minutes, after which I had to give her the pacifier until the air pressure stopped changing. This, I think, is one of the few drawbacks of Elsie being an efficient eater these days, with her average eating time being six minutes--she was done before we were fully ascended. Another important fact about flying that I just plum forgot was that during flight you can hear little more than white noise, so Elsie slept the entire flight and sucked on her pacifier on the way down and all was well.

There's a lot I need to get done before I go back to work next week, so I am glad to be here. Most of it is house cleaning stuff. While I was gone, Eli bought and assembled a crib, taking the spare bed out of the spare room and putting the new bed in there. Now we need to do the menial tasks that will make that room Elsie's room.

On the same vein, Elsie slept in her own room last night. We put the monitor in there, and it is very strong--I could hear the cats meowing in surround sound, the train was much louder, and the air conditioning unit outside her window made its presence known. But, all in all, we slept. I only got up twice in the night to feed her, and it was no problem to walk the few steps to her room. We also moved the rocking chair into that bedroom, so I had someplace to sleep, er...sit while nursing her.

Time to think about dinner (though I started this when it was still time to think about breakfast...).



katie albritton said...

I can't believe you had to take your daughter out of the Moby Wrap. Maybe it has to do with desired crash position? At any rate it seems like she would be more secure in the wrap.

Craig-Jen said...

That's weird about the wrap...I've never heard that before. I'm so glad the flight was uneventful though!

I'll be saying prayers as you prepare to go back to work.

Beaver said...

I just looked it up. Evidently there is an FAA regulation that restricts child restraint on airplanes to approved car seats and the parents' arms. Anything else violates regs. I didn't know that, but I also have never traveled with an infant before. :)

Anonymous said...

glad you made it home safely. sorry i didn't get to come see you and meet elsie. we were moving all weekend and i guess i just forgot. hopefully next time, hopefully soon.

Mrs. C said...

Glad y'all had a good flight!