Thursday, July 30, 2009

12 Weeks

Elsie weighs in: 13 lbs., 6 oz.

I think now is the time to stop counting weeks officially. Maybe we'll go to a bakers' dozen, but since I'm back to work all day, every day in two weeks (this week was a 3-day week, next week is a 4-day week), I think I will just go with months from now on. Probably.

Anyway, today I had the day off for sleeping in and spending more time with Elsie. We slept until 10:15. Elsie ate, and then we jetted out the door to have lunch with some of the moms before Thursday play group at the hospital. At play group, there were 15 babies. That's the most since I've been going! We stayed for a long time. The big topic of discussion this week is making baby food. It seems doable, and relatively cheap.

I realized that during the school year Elsie will be spending a lot of time not with us, except on weekends. I'll wake her up and drive her to J's. I'll pick her up after school and bring her home by 4, and then she'll be in bed by 8. So, that's approximately four hours that we'll get to spend together. And on nights that I'm working at Sylvan...well, I don't even want to think about it. In fact, I need to not think about it or I may have a breakdown.

Anyway, our big news is that we are hammering out a lease for a house. So, just when I waited to subscribe to magazines for my classroom, now I'll have to get the address changed. One of the moms I met on Thursdays is moving up North for her husband's job and they were trying to sell their house (which is about 4 blocks from my school). We went and looked at it but know that we are in no place to buy a house right now. We told them to call us if they needed renters. Well, last weekend they called and wanted to know if we were still interested. I've gone back and forth. I hate moving, but there are a lot of reasons to leave this place, and I would rather help out a friend than pay money to a company that can't even get the gate to our gated community to work right after a year of living here!

Anyway, tomorrow is our last day of leisure before the long haul. We will sleep in. Oh, yes. We will.



Motorcycle grandma said...

It is no secret that I love baby feet!!! This picture is perfect. I wanted to take my buckaroo's footprint and have it tattooed on myself. Never got the proverbial "round tuit" though.

The Smiths said...

Making baby food is the best! You don't have to worry about if you have enough jars of food for the week AND she's already used to the different tastes of food due to the breast milk. We bought a magic bullet to help with the baby food works wonders!

Misty said...

Super Baby Food. Awesome book. Told me all I needed to know (and some I didn't want to). It can be overwhelming, so get it NOW before she's 5 or 6 months old, and start reading!! :) I found mine at a consigment store for cheap!