Thursday, July 2, 2009

8 Weeks

Elsie is 8 weeks today, and is about to go on a trek through 3 states where's she's never been, making her tally of states visited equal 5. Crazy, right?

In celebration of 8 weeks, I thought I would start by giving Elsie 8 fingers, cutting her total down by 2. Okay, it wasn't intentional, but I tell you, baby fingernails are so tiny! Her thumb and pinky on her right hand bled. I'm a terrible parent. But that was just the beginning.

We went for her 2 months appointment today since we're going out of town (thanks for your prayers that kept the doctor's appointment on schedule) and she had to have 3 shots. She started crying before the nurse even came into the room (naked and cold will do that to a girl) and I used my dad's old line, "You want something to cry about? We'll give you something to cry about." And then she did. I will never get over watching the pain register on her face. :(

Her stats: Head 16 inches. Body 22 3/4 inches. Weight 11 pounds 13 ounces--just shy of twelve pounds.

Eli will be here any minute, and then we're on the road to Texas. See you on the other side (figuratively for most, literally for some).

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Misty said...

I cut Micah's finger in the hospital the day he was born!! You get better at it :) Coming to Houston at all?? I MAY drive up to Dallas on 7/25. Jamie Thorne is pregnant (having a boy, due 11/19) and her mom/mom in law are having a shower for her. I want to come, I think we might just go, so if you're still in town, let me know!!