Friday, July 10, 2009

Appreciate Your Cow

Before today, I never understood the pleasure people took in dressing their babies up in costumes. That changed for me today, because Elsie was dressing up with a great purpose: free food. How cute!

She was definitely the cutest cow in the herd. I had suggested to Stacey early in the week that we dress up to get free food at Chik-Fil-A as a means to do something with the kids and maybe spend a little time away from the television, the Internet, and the Wii. Surprisingly (and happily), Nephew and Niece got involved, along with one of Niece's friends. Stacey, Julie, and I also got dressed up.

Now, have I ever told you before that I can't donate blood, that blood banks won't take it from me? It's because we lived in Germany for six years and therefore I am "at risk" for Creutzfeld-Jacob's disease, better known as Mad Cow Disease in humans. Looks like it's genetic.

Some other fun goings on: While at Dollar Tree, we picked up a swimsuit for $1 and Elsie went into the pool for the first time.

After which I sat with her in the big tub and gave her a bath. How did I get such a cute kid?


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Motorcycle grandma said...

What great fun you all must have had! I'm glad that you are passing on the Peter Pan thinking to your have to grow older,it's part of nature, but growing up is optional! Never never land is where you happen to be at any given moment.