Sunday, July 12, 2009

Age Differences

I'm becoming more and more amazed at how perceived age differences matter or don't matter. A friend of mine from college had a baby four weeks before Elsie was born, and that felt like such a huge difference, and it still does. I follow her blog and watch the things that her little girl can do and look forward to my Elsie's abilities in four weeks. Pretty soon, the weeks won't matter. They'll start hitting milestones at around the same time. And what seems like a huge developmental difference to me right now will be nothing by the time the girls are school-aged. It's bizarre how quickly the age difference fades.

I was also thinking about that today when at Celebrated Community Church a woman was talking about how upset she was that her 22-year-old son was dating a 30-year-old woman. She made it sound like the woman was old or something. Haha. (At least, I'm trying to laugh.)

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