Monday, November 1, 2010

Teeth, Tangles, and Tangents

It's November and Elsie has two more teeth coming in! It's a good thing, too, because I would have hated for last week's diarrhea, diaper rash, and general malaise to go to waste! Haha. She has two more bottom teeth that broke through sometime recently--the two to either side of her bottom center teeth. So, she now has six on top and four on bottom. Ten! Ha. Ha. Ha. (Think of Sesame Street's Count and go back and read that again.)

Also, I must tell you that the bottle of detangling spray that I purchased while singing and dancing in "How to Succeed in Business" when I had to tease my hair into a rat's nest has come to be of great value in our household. No matter what we do, Elsie ends up with a wad of nasty matted hair on the back of her head where it rests against the carseat and where she sleeps on it. Sometimes I even find food tangled up in there (what?). Well, yanking on that mess does nothing but cause screaming, so we don't yank. And brushing it with a hairbrush only makes it worse, not better! So, we spray. And comb with successive combs, from a wide-tooth comb, smaller and smaller, to a man's pocket comb. And, like it says on the bottle, there is no more screaming. Success. And thank you, Theatre Tuscaloosa, for bringing the original impetus for this apple-scented miracle spray!

And on a side note, I'm a little OCD. I kid, I kid. But perhaps I don't? Now that I've spent time in my yard getting down and dirty with my weeds, I notice the same weeds all over Opelika and I just want to yank them out! I did the same thing with straightening merchandise at other stores when I worked at Books-A-Million. And while you may not follow my train of thought, I started this paragraph to tell you that my sink is still shining. I let it go one day and felt...sad and unfulfilled. So, last night, I stayed up until almost 11 getting it shined again. Another fabulous thing that has happened as a result of the clean sink is that the front seat of my car remains clean, too! I realize that the effort required to bring my trash and belongings inside with me is pretty much nil. I just need to do it. So, for the last two weeks or more, I have been keeping the front seat of the Saturn clean, too! (I vacuumed and Armor-alled it one day while the kids were asleep and I haven't gone back! It's nice!) Now for the backseat...

So, how's that for my first NaBloPoMo post? Sweet. Now to come up with 29 more.


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Craig-Jen said...

M has ten teeth too (the same 10, although the last two to pop through were the ones next to the canine holes). And she better be getting some new teeth...all the grinding and waking every three hours better be for something. I just know she's not going to sleep through the night until she has all her teeth...big fat phooey.

Congrats on the shiny sink!!!