Friday, November 12, 2010

3 months of O

I bet you thought I forgot yesterday to post about O being 13 weeks. I didn't. I just stopped counting after 12, and have now moved on to months. Now time for some pictures of the kids from the last few weeks.

From a Halloween playdate:

Sleeping Baby Bear:

And adorable Baby Bear feet (again, this one's for the old ladies):

Baby Bear got hot (and a little cranky):

Goldilocks crawls like a puppy:

Goldilocks couldn't find a chair that was juuuust right. (Though later she found the hostess's Cinderella couch that is just like her Mickey couch, and that suited her just fine.)

And finally, we got a box of goodies from Texas. This was early the next morning when it was time to leave for work/sitters, and Elsie refused to leave the Grinch or the Wocket at home. (I tricked her, and we left them..haha).

Happy Friday!


Craig-Jen said...

Ah, the allure of new toys...they're wonderful for a day, right?

And Oscar is getting soooooo big!

Kerry Duty said...

How can you refuse anything that sweet little face asks for?!?! Your kids are so adorable! Madison has a Wocket too, somewhere in the mound of stuffed animals she has conned her way into getting :)