Tuesday, November 9, 2010

18 months (and 2 days)

Sunday was when Elsie turned 18 months. No, I didn't forget. Okay. I remembered on Sunday, but forgot when it came time to blog. And then today someone asked me how old she was and I thought, "ACK! I forgot to blog about it!"

So, our little girls is 1.5 years old. Time sure does fly. We go to the doctor next week and I'll report on her stats then.

After school today, I went and picked up the kids and went to the first middle school basketball games of the year. I know. I'm crazy. Or brave. Or something. I of course imagined the worse case scenario before we went in (that is, having to leave with two screaming children, or trying to chase Elsie around while Oscar was inconsolable and needed to be held), but I went anyway. And, for the most part, all was well. Elsie was a little frustrated that I wouldn't let her out on the court to play with the ball. Oscar started screaming at the first horn, but the others he didn't notice--and thankfully he was content enough to stay in his carrier, wide awake, watching everything. I let Elsie climb in the stands a little bit and run across the end of the court during a time out, so she remained relatively happy. M brought her two boys and shared her pizza and popcorn with Elsie. We stayed to watch the pom dancers dance the halftime show at the girl's game (Elsie to dance right along with them...wish I had my camera with me then!) and then came home.

Now, it's only 7:30, but I feel like I need to go to bed...after I eat some Bluebell Pistachio Almond ice cream that my MIL conveniently left here. Mwahahahahaha!



Craig-Jen said...

Publix makes a mint moose tracks ice cream that it tasty...which reminds me, there should be their holiday pumpkin pie flavor out now, too!!!!

Great, now I was ice cream...and it's barely 8 AM!

Craig-Jen said...

Please forgive my grammar...I know it is bad.