Saturday, November 13, 2010

Junk in the Trunk

I've always been jealous of people, who when they open their trunks, have NOTHING in them. I always think, "How is that possible??"

I'm a teacher, so I'm the WORST about keeping junk in the car. Before I left Chambers Co., I made the effort to get both cars cleaned and detailed so that they would be clean before Elsie came. This was just the interior of the car, not the trunk. I've gotten most everything out of the car to "clean" it since then, but there were some untouched frontiers.

A couple of weeks ago, I don't remember where Eli was but both kids were napping, I got out the vacuum cleaner and the trash bags and the Armor-All and cleaned the front seat of the Saturn (baby steps, baby steps). Well, this weekend's list of things to do included cleaning out the backseat of the car. So, while Oscar slept, Elsie and I dragged everything out of the backseat, except the carseat and base. We got out the vacuum cleaner and took care of crumbs, leaves, pebbles, etc. And when she became distracted by pushing the stroller around the garage with her baby doll in it (she went into the house to fetch the baby doll to put in the stroller), I decided to tackle the...gasp...trunk. Dirty. Little. Secret. I haven't cleaned out the trunk in...a long time. Let's just say that there were some pre-Chambers Co. things in there, posters and whatnot. Lots of whatnot. So, it all got sorted, trashed, brought in the house--and then vacuumed. And by this time Elsie was bored of the task and we were done. Oscar woke up and Elsie was hungry. The timing was perfect.

Among the treasures uncovered was a coupon for pizza...that expired in 2004. You think I'm kidding. I did end up leaving a few things in the trunk: a can of Fix-A-Flat, a first aid kit, jumper cables, the windshield shade, rope (in a draw-string Gap bag), sunscreen, trailer hitch and accessories, a roll of duct tape, and the umbrella stroller.

Not bad, right, for a car that's 11 years old and just turned over 192,000 miles?

Now, the challenge, with two kids, is to keep it clean. And traveling and keeping the car clean is also a challenge. So, wish me luck.



Craig-Jen said...

haha, I thought the title of this referred to a booty. Since I've got my fair share of that :-) And then the first line said you were jealous. haha.

Beaver said...

Ha! JT, I was singing that song the whole time I was cleaning out the car, and then I had to come in and pull it up on YouTube. What a stupid song. Stupid, but catchy. :) And believe me, after two kids, I have plenty of junk up in my other trunk. Haha.