Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why not?

We've been having computer problems lately, so if I go AWOB again, that's why. Darn technology.

Before I go, a moment of disbelief: Mr. Social Studies teacher showed not one, but TWO movies during this 4-day work week--when he pulled out the DVD player on Tuesday, he noticed me watching and told me, "Don't judge me." I laughed at his guilty conscience. They're still studying Japan (remember Kung Fu Panda?) so he showed The Last Samurai early in the week, and on Friday he showed...2 Fast 2 Furious? Really? I mean, isn't there a third one in the series that he could better argue fits into his curriculum...what was that one? Tokyo Drift? Yeah. That one. What a perfectly missed opportunity to be lazy AND vaguely relevant.

And one last thing: The movie Eagle Eye in science class, anyone? I had never seen it, so I borrowed it, brought it home and watched it. A couple of F-bombs, a whole lot of dung references, and some references to donkeys' rectal areas. Public school in rural Alabama, ladies and gentlemen. Nothing the kids haven't heard before, I'm sure...

The truth is, I'm not really upset with the teachers who are doing this. I mean, when Eli was coaching soccer he even told his team that if the refs weren't calling some things (such as elbowing, etc) that they should go ahead and do it until it started to get called. I think my fellow teachers are operating under this premise on the school playing field. I mean, why not?

Why not, indeed.

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