Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Over Easy

Have I mentioned that I'm ready to take my maternity leave...for the rest of the year?

There was a fight in my classroom today, and I refused to get in the middle of it. Not just because I'm pregnant, but because it was a girl fight and girl fights are nasty business. It was one of those days that I wished we had a police officer on campus because those girls would have been arrested and dragged out of there.

Anyway, it's been an ongoing thing with these girls, pretty much in every class (spreading rumors, talking about each other, insulting each other, making each other cry). And they're best friends. There was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent this from happening. So you can imagine my dismay when the principal came in and insinuated in front of the class that this was my fault.

Why? Because my desks are too close together. Because there is talking in my classroom. Because there were too many kids going to the bathroom (really?). So he brought the janitor down to my classroom with him and told him how he needed to rearrange my furniture (for the third time this year) tomorrow. Then he told me that there is to be absolutely no talking whatsoever in my classroom again. This he says about my quietest, most well-behaved class (well, except for the girl drama). So we're not allowed to have discussions? The kids aren't allowed to ask questions? And the only reason so many children were going to the bathroom between the fight and when he came in was because the fight was so violent that they almost wet themselves with fright. What am I going to tell them--no, you have to wet yourself after that close call?

Anyway, I'm feeling a little indignant right now. I wish he'd quit micromanaging things.

But, on to better things. To make myself feel better, I went to Sonic during happy hour and got a small orange slush for 54 cents. Then I came home and cooked up two eggs over easy for an after school snack--and I didn't break the yolks. Okay, okay. One of the yolks broke, but only after it hit the plate. I haven't made eggs over easy in years. I just really wanted a breakfast burrito at Sonic, but didn't have the cash, so I decided I would at least eat some eggs when I came home.

Now Eli's on his way home, and he wants tuna melts for supper. We'll see about that. And he's having friends over to watch the soccer game tonight. I hope to finish my book. And maybe go to bed early. And do some laundry. But not in that order.



Misty said...

Man, I'm sorry about your job. It doesn't seem all that great. Good for you for not getting involved by the way. No need to put that sweet baby girl at risk. Have you decided if you are going to go back to work next fall? If so, same place, or are y'all moving again? I'm out of the loop, I haven't read EVERY one of your posts all the way through, I'm sorry!

Deena said...

Good thinking-no sense putting you in danger or my great neice either. Hope things get better at school. Hang in there-not much longer