Saturday, December 1, 2007


I talked to my mom the other day, and she admitted that she has been praying that the Lord will somehow bring us back to Texas to live. I asked her to please not pray that prayer. I have nothing against Texas. I lived there for 12 years. My alma maters are there, and most importantly, my family is there. But I don't really want to go back.

What I want is to live overseas! I want an adventure! I have lots of wants, but one of them is not to go back to Texas (and another is to not stay in Alabama).

What would be great is if our families prayed that the Lord would lead us to where we're needed. Wherever that may be. If it's overseas--awesome! And if it's in Texas or Alabama, that's good, too, so long as I know that the right motives were there.

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Michael said...

i can understand wat u mean