Wednesday, December 12, 2007

O Tannenbaum!

In our 4.5 years of marriage, Eli and I have never had a full-sized Christmas tree. This year is the first year for one--and it's real! I've never had a real tree in my life, so this is a big deal.

We weren't sure we would be able to afford a new tree this year, so I didn't think we'd get one. But when Eli came back from hunting last week, he also came back with a tree that I liken to Charlie Brown's tree. I love it.

We decorated it on Sunday after church, and MB came for tutoring Monday and told me she liked it. After she left, I put some big white bows on it, and when she returned on Tuesday, she said she liked it even better.

We have silver and white glass ornaments, but the star we bought won't go on the tree (it's too heavy, and the tree is very petite in its trunk). I think it looks nice. This might be the last year that our tree looks monochromatic. Eli thinks it needs more color.

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