Friday, December 14, 2007

Half Birthdays Gone By

Okay, so no part in Dearly Departed, but in the spirit of trying new things (and getting some drama experience just in case I'm force to teach the subject some day) I have volunteered with the crew. We start tech rehearsals around Feb. 1.

Yesterday was my 1/2 birthday. That means that my birthday is six months from now. There was no great celebration.

I did come home from school and watch the 1973 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture The Sting. And while I have always loved Paul Newman (I can't really explain why--I just always have--though I think it must be the eyes, or the salad dressing), I have now come to fully appreciate Robert Redford. He's blond, so not really my type--and yes I realize that my husband used to be blond, but he definitely had brown hair when I met him--but when Robert Redford smiles, you forget everything else. They are old men now, but if I only could have been around in their prime years!

I also got to talk to Daphne yesterday. It's been a while (since before Thanksgiving), and since she just turned 29 this week, I needed to know if she survived.

I tried to call Kimberly, but her number was disconnected! I hadn't called her since July.

I got an e-mail from Erin, also haven't talked to her since July.

And I haven't heard from Michelle in a while.

I miss my best friends.

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