Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Helio! Helio! Helio!

I knew it, in the way that you wish so much that it is already fact, from the beginning.

He's hot stuff!

And now, my fast from television begins. I am not going to watch television again until Christmas break -- that's nearly 4 weeks! And for those of you who know that I have only 3 channels (ABC, CW, WVUA--local channel), you might think this would not be such a big loss, but I really scheduled my life around the boob tube.

Dancing with the Stars (Helio! Helio!)
Christina Who?
The Bachelor (now over--what a loser)

Beauty & the Geek
taping Dancing with the Stars results show and watching it later
Boston Legal

taping Pushing Daisies when at choir practice
Private Practice
taping America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11
taping Gossip Girls

Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy

Nothing Friday or Saturday

Life is Wild, but sometimes Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
America's Next Top Model re-run (if I didn't have time to watch it)
Brothers & Sisters

The truth is, the only show out of these that I really like (other than the aforementioned Dancing with the Stars) is Pushing Daisies. The rest are just mindless fodder for the overtaxed teacher's brain. It's pathetic. And, ever since Alias went off the air, ABC has been pretty much worthless to me, until Pushing Daisies (I can't help it that I LOVE Kristen Chenowith).

I heard on NPR that there was study of television watching habits and adults average about two hours of television per night. That's the truth for me! I was apalled when I actually thought about it, and that is what brought about this fast. So, now I'm going to spend my time reading, grading papers, washing dishes, and doing these other things that I didn't have "time" to do. Like I said, pathetic.