Monday, November 26, 2007

Plan G (or what's next)

Our time here in Tuscaloosa is coming to an end. Eli graduates from law school in five months and after that, everything is up in the air. The plan is to move from here and have an adventure somewhere.

Plan A: Eli gets into the Air Force JAG program (he got a rejection letter from them today, so we're reapplying, and continuing to pray). I stay in Tuscaloosa for one more year and teach. Eli goes to JAG school and officer training in Montgomery, AL, from January to April of 2009. We move to some exotic location (Italy? Japan?) in May.

Plan B: Eli gets a government job that sends us overseas as soon as he passes the bar (October 2008); I get a job that is not teaching so I can move ASAP.

Plan C: Eli gets a job with MLS and we get to move from Tuscaloosa as soon as he passes the bar; I get a job that is not teaching.

Plan D: Eli gets a job. Amen.

Plan G: We pray, and let God do what he does best. And we stop making intricate plans (okay, okay--I'm the guilty one--I'll stop making intricate plans).

I need to let go and let God. I want so much to have an adventure, to travel the world, but I also want to be content with wherever God leads us.

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