Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dancing with the Stars!

I love this show. Tonight is the finale for this season, and I'm actually watching it now. They're about to announce the person who came in third! It better not be Helio...

Yes! Marie and Jonathan are going home.

If it's not too obvious, I'm rooting for Helio. I realize that it has been since season 1 that a woman has won, but seriously! Helio is goooooooood! And goofy!

I was at a middle school basketball game, and I "had to" rush home to see the finale of "Beauty and the Geek" followed by this.

For the record, I had to borrow $5 from a student to gain entry to the basketball games. I'm in more debt. It was worth it, though. I love to see my students doing things that they love (because diagramming sentences is not it). This adds a whole new dimension to their personas. Something outside of the classroom.

And KF is technically a former student.

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