Sunday, April 4, 2010

Long Week

Sorry for the absence. We were without Internet at home for a couple of days, and you might think that the world had ended, but it didn't. I just spent more time playing freecell than I would have liked. Whatever.

I don't spend enough time taking pictures of Elsie, and the ones I did take today don't do justice with her curls. But here we are in our Easter outfits. You can see my baby belly, but it's really not that big just yet (is it?). I just happen to stand with my hips pushed forward all the time. It's genetic. My dad stands that way, too. :)

And here she is with her daddy (I was the photog, so the lighting is terrible...sorry):

And finally, here's a picture from earlier this week as I tried to get a view of her tooth for you, but she won't show it. And I can tell that the one right next to it is there and will cut through any day. Oh well. But she's cute, and you can kinda' see her curls.


Kelly said...

Beautiful little girl!! Yall are such a precious family! Thanks for the pics!

Cheryl said...

What's with that one finger in her mouth? Did she do that before she cut the tooth or do you think she is feeling it with her finger? Just wondering...She is soooo darn cute I can't wait to love on her!! Actually, she should maybe be the new Gerber Baby or something, don't you think?