Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where in the world?

These last two weeks have been travel-full. And then when we get home, we are Internet-less. So, that's where I've been. Traveling and hanging out in limbo.

This weekend our adventures took us to Hattiesburg, MS. We left after school on Friday to start the drive, finished the drive this morning. Stayed at the family reunion (Eli's paternal grandmother's side of the family) for a couple of hours and then started the drive back home. In the pouring rain. All legs of this trip.

Finally, in Mobile, we decided that we needed to get off the road and relax. The car has the rack on the back (we picked it up from the hunting camp on our way to MS) so it's weighing down the back of the car, lifting the front of the front-wheel drive car up a little, making the hydroplaning worse than it should be. Yes, time to get off the road.

So, we're here at the in-laws unexpectedly and are going to stay the night, leaving early in the morning to head back to Auburn so that I can work in the nursery at church and Eli can drive to Birmingham for a full day of Kaplan training. Ugh.

In other exciting news, we close on the house on Monday. :)


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