Sunday, April 18, 2010

a casa de nuevo

What a week. After school on Tuesday, we packed up the car and drove as far as Chattanooga (3.5 hours) and stayed with Eli's aunt in her guesthouse for the night. We got up and drove drove drove (14 hours) to Ashtabula with a few stops along the way. Thursday we spent time with family, having famous pancakes for breakfast (Thanks, P & J), meeting the newest cousins and watching Elsie play with them. Thursday night were visiting hours at the funeral home. Lots of aunts, uncles, cousins of all varieties that I hadn't seen in 12, sometimes 20+, years. Friday morning was Grandma's funeral at the mission church, and we left after lunch for the long drive back, making it to Chattanooga after midnight and then taking our time getting back home on Saturday. We were exhausted, and Elsie was tired of riding in the carseat. So, we're home again. Sigh.

Eli has already told me that next summer, when we make the trip to Pennsylvania for C's wedding, we are flying with two lap babies. I told him we better start saving now! And we're going to get Elsie and 2.0 passports so that maybe we can make a summer vacation/birthday trip out of it and go to Niagara Falls and Canada. I've never been to Canada (that I remember...).

While we were in Ohio, Elsie cut her second tooth and stood up by herself for the first time (without using anything for leverage). She mastered the sippy cup and the snack cup--an 8+ hour intensive learning session while strapped into the carseat was helpful in this.

*Thank you to Aunt B for letting us crash at your place in Ashtabula.
*Thank you to Aunt A for letting us crash at your place in Chattanooga.
*Thank you to L & T for the snack cups and puffs--they saved our sanity.
*Thank you to everyone for your prayers and kind words.

Tomorrow we're back to our regularly scheduled programming--I'm not really looking foward to school and cleaning up after three days of subs, but on the bright side we only have four weeks left. Woohoo!

Please continue to pray for our sanity as we finish out the month of April. Eli is working on getting certified to teach LSAT classes for Kaplan, so will have to make many trips to Birmingham and back before the end of the month. We're exhausted, but this job is going to help us pay our bills faster.

Well, that's the update. Now to finish lesson planning.

Oh, and somehow I didn't take any pictures of our time in Ohio, so aunts and cousins, if you have any, please share!


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