Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pregnancy Plague

Last time around, I, for the life of me, could not remember to turn my headlights off. This particular failure on my part plagued my pregnancy with lots of frustration and tears. I remember that it started my first day of work in Chambers County. New teacher. Dead car. Not really an impressive combo. And there are a myriad of other times that I was stuck with a dead battery--times I've shared and times I've kept to myself--but in all honesty, too many times to count. It's depressing.

I think the worst part of that plague was that it started during pregnancy but didn't stop. However, with the onset of my newest pregnancy plague, I've remembered to turn my headlights off. Unfortunately, I would rather jump start my car than...


It just disappears and I can't find it for days at a time. So if you call me and I don't return the call, I probably can't find my phone. It's maddening. In the worst way.

Others might argue that losing my keys and running out of gas in the school parking lot are more serious, but I think of those as minor byproducts of pregnancy brain.

The good news is that I found my phone...again.

This particular situation makes a good argument for getting a land line when we move into our house. :)


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Diane said...

Erin who worked in West??? I wonder about you from time to time, so I googled you and found this-babies?!Diane Young-remember me? If so, please e-mail:dianeyoun@gmail.com
Currently teach in Plano-4th year-2nd with 7th grade. I have an almost three-year-old (since birth)granddaughter. Since I'm 110, this is my first blog experience-hope you get it. Diane