Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guessing Game

I woke up this morning and for some reason (maybe dreams I had?) in my mind, this baby is a boy. However, when I refer to our collective children, I refer to them as "the girls." This last reference, I fear, is tainted by my own experience as one of "the girls." I can't really even imagine what it would be like to have a boy. This is nerve-wracking and exciting.

I've also not been sure whether or not I'm feeling movement. If I remember correctly, gas bubbles and baby movement feel very similar. So, I have no idea. But any day now I'll be able to tell the difference.

And finally, my back has been killing me. My upper back, that is. I went to the pulmonologist (a new doctor--it's good to have friends with connections) on Friday and we reworked my asthma regimen, but I still don't feel like I'm breathing as well as I could. He did give me a refillable prescription for albuterol for the nebulizer, so that's a relief. I've been using my steroid inhaler as prescribed (which is a big deal because it's expensive and I ordinarily would only use it on an as needed basis) even though sometimes it makes me vomit. I keep the rescue inhaler nearby and have been using the nebulizer once a day. And still, by the end of the day I have to take a hot shower just to relax those upper back muscles that have been strained by a day's worth of mildly-labored breathing.

In those six months between Elsie's birth and this pregnancy, I breathed fine. So, because I'm still kinda' having the same problems, nothing much different with this pregnancy, I'm leaning toward BB2.0 being a girl. I've had several people tell me that their pregnancies were different when the babies were different sexes. Who knows if that holds true across the board? :)



Stacey L King said...

The only real difference between my pregnancies with Kid#1 (male) and Kid#2 (female) was that I did NOT have the last-weeks allergic reaction to the final burst of hormones with Kid#2. That only happened with Kid#1. Asthma, heartburn, achy back, fat ankles--> same with both.

Anonymous said...

i have no personal experience to offer for the differences between pregnancies, but i've had friends carry 3 children (each friend had 2 boys and a girl) and said every single pregnancy was different. so, i'd still say there is a 50/50 chance until that little one gets here. (boys are much different than girls, but they're fun in their own way)

Craig-Jen said...

I guess boy! No rhyme or reason, just because.

Time will tell if I'm right. I was wrong with my own baby, so don't go buying blue just yet ;-)

The Miller Family said...

My second pregnancy was SOOO extremely different from my first pregnancy with Daniel(I mean, REALLY different)so I had absolutely NO doubt it was a girl... and now I have 2 precious boys - Daniel and Isaac!