Monday, January 18, 2010

What could have happened...

Saturday Eli went hunting, so Elsie and I went to the library and met some other babies. I'm sure their mothers had names, but I didn't remember them. So, now I don't feel too annoyed about being "Elsie's mom". Afterwards, we went to G's to watch her clean out the office. It was quality girl time, spiced up by a Happy Meal and some rum cake. Yum. Oh, yeah, and G let Elsie slobber on a watch. The baby was happy.

Sunday, church. We made it on time, for the second week in a row--should be some kind of record for the Beavers since Elsie arrived. Another baby in the nursery spilled his OJ on Elsie, and of course I didn't have a spare set of clothes, so she just had to do with a new bib. She didn't mind, and low key mom that I am, neither did I. In all truth, she slept in the outfit last night and spent the day in it today. I don't think we've had her in the same outfit for 36 hours, ever. But it was fleece and fuzzy, and, well, dry. So, whatever. It was a holiday and we didn't leave the house.

Eli wanted to go hunting today, but I was thankful for his willingness to stay home with Elsie this morning while I went to the doctor to get my thyroid checked. It is almost standard to make an appointment and wait for a while, usually getting to see the doctor at least an hour after your appointment time. I took a book to read (Pendragon #10, Soldiers of Halla), and was thinking the whole time what a different visit it would have been if Elsie had been with me.

She wouldn't have sat still in the lobby. When I went back to get my vitals, where would I have put her while I stood on the scale--not on the dirty floor? Would they let me hold her and then subract 19-ish pounds from the total? I think not. And she would have been reaching for the thermometer and wanting to play with the cords to the blood pressure cuff. Oh, what an experience it would have been for her, curious little girl! And this doesn't even include the nightmare of what would have happened in the lab while they tried to draw my blood. She would have wanted to play with the ball I was supposed to squeeze, or reach for the needle or something disastrous and potentially painful for the woman being stuck--me!

So, Eli, darling, I thank you for keeping Elsie while I went to the doctor. You are a good baby daddy and I LOVE YOU!

Back to work tomorrow. Cheers!

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Motorcycle grandma said...

I enjoyed this day off, I'd like another tomorrow, please.