Friday, January 15, 2010

Special Recipe?

Surprise! Elsie slept through the night last night without any warning. Of course, since she's been waking up every 3-4 hours for the last 8 weeks or so, I am the one who has been sleep trained to wake up at those intervals. And it completely freaked me out last night that she went from 7pm to 4am without even a peep. I finally got up at 3 to make sure she was breathing (she was).

So, then my mind was reeling? What was the special recipe?

1. Was it the bath before bedtime?
2. Was it the lavender soap?
3. Was it the lavender lotion?
4. Was it the change in tempterature outside? (not as cold last night)
5. Was it the fact that the TV was not on at all yesterday, so no nightmares?

I have no idea.

On another note, tomorrow it will have been a week since Elsie started crawling. Last night she accomplished yet another baby step (no pun intended). Before, she could go from a sit to all fours but couldn't transition back to sitting. Last night we were playing on the floor and she got up on all fours, moved a little across the bedroom, and then scooched back into a sit. I tell you, it's going to start snowballing!

Three day weekend ahead! Playdate at the library with the breastfeeding moms tomorrow! Woohoo!



Motorcycle grandma said...

TV can be a stimulant. I know if I have TV on in the evenings, I have to read a novel before I can relax and fall asleep. I have on in the bedroom and it's only on in the a.m. so I can catch some news while getting ready for work.

Echo you sentiments on the 3 day weekend!!!

wp said...

I have a 4-month old niece now and waiting to play with her...your blog has increased my anticipation :)