Saturday, October 17, 2009

So Car and Date Night

I logged on quickly to tell you that we are leaving within the hour for South Carolina (I've never been there, and it will be Elsie's 6th state in 5 months) to attend the Beaver family event of the year--a Beaver cousin is getting married to a girl whose name starts with an E! I tell you, it just doesn't stop. E Beavers everywhere!

I read this joke somewhere back when I was working with elementary students:

Knock knock
Who's there?
Beaver E
Beaver E who?
Beaver E quick to say yes to free food!

Okay, so I changed that last line, but it acted as a great segue into what I'd like to talk about next: We went on a date last night. One of the local churches sponsored an event called "Date Night with a Purpose" with this theme being "At the Movies". One of the teachers at school attends this church and left a flyer in the lounge, so on a whim I told Eli we were going (I actually asked, but only out of courtesy--I knew we were going).

There was a red carpet going in and several table decorated with different movie themes. We sat at the Princess Bride table--a movie that has been coming up more and more these days--especially when I couldn't show it to the 7th grade during the incentive because it has one itsy-bitsy little SOB in it. Any other movie, I would object, but come on! This is a classic! ANYWAY, the table was awesome, including several elements from the movie, and the conversation was a lot of movie quoting and references.

Some of the other tables included (of course) Twilight, which was decorated with the books and red ribbons and then everyone at that table had a blood red apple with their name on it as a place card--oh, and there was a cardboard stand-up of Edward Cullen overlooking the table; Steel Magnolias, with an armadillo cake and curlers; So I Married an Axe Murderer, with LARGE cappucino desserts and a butcher knife centerpiece and News of the World table covering. There was Fireproof, 21, and Lord of the Rings. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, even though I dragged Eli there, the music was great, the fellowship was awesome, and the food was FREE. As was the babysitting. So we had a grand time, just the two of us, in a room with about 80 strangers. Good times. (Some friends from our church were actually there, so it wasn't all strangers..haha.)

Well, I've been told it's time to get off my rear and finish packing for our trip which will now start within the next half hour. Thankfully it's only four hours from here, in the mountains above Clemson. We'll see you on the flip side!


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