Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In the last post, I wrote about Jazz Hands. Today, I write about what was to inevitably come next (and I should have seen it coming).

After church tonight, I had to go Wal-Mart and get some diapers for J (and some other stuff--including a box of rice cereal for when that happens--egads!) and run to the mall to stop at Hot Topic and buy some knee socks for tomorrow--Sock the Tigers day. Eli brought Elsie home so I could run these errands quickly and efficiently (I did this in under an hour--a feat by anyone's standards).

I came home, and Eli was watching Glee. You know the one. About the kids in the singing and dancing glee club? The show that is a primetime musical?

I'm not kidding.

He won't watch Secret Life of the American Teenager, or whatever it's called, because it's too "dramatic." But somehow, if you add singing and dancing and some rock tunes, it's different though the scenarios are basically the same? :)

Jazz Hands. Glee. What's next?

I'm teasing. Haha.

And finally, here's a little glimpse of our little family at the wedding this weekend:



MommaLlama said...

I tried to watch the first episode of Glee... and just couldn't take it.

Nice family pic!

Colleen said...

haha, I don't like Glee either, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one.

That picture is SOOOO CUTE!