Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Allhallows Eve Eve Eve

You know when you're in a a football town when trick-or-treating is done two days early becaues the high school has home football game on Friday night, and the local university has a home game on Halloween. So, my rejoicing at Halloween being on a Saturday this year, meaning my students would have their major sugar high at home on Sunday, was premature. Crud. So, Eli wanted to take Elsie out tonight to the downtown family event. Pictures follow shortly.

However, I have a few things to share before we get to the cuteness.

1. Elsie has ears. I mean, I knew that, but she just found that out, and she's yanking on them constantly.

2. She's moving all over the floor by rolling. She sees something she wants and she rolls toward it. The other day I was distracted by the television, and I looked down, and she had rolled up against me (I was sitting on the floor) and was thiiiis close to putting my big toe in her mouth. Gross.

3. Three Elsie fingers fit into one Daddy nostril. Don't even begin to imagine how we know this.

4. Elsie is sleeping through the nights most nights. It's quite nice, aside from the minor bosom discomfort.

5. We're getting closer and closer to our foray into solid foods. I'm not READY!

And now, what you've all been waiting for (with a special thank you to MC and girls for the cute costume!): OUR CATERPILLAR!

Elsie ready to leave to go trick or treating.

Costume on, making our way toward downtown. A Darth Vader midget made his way behind us as we were stopped to cross the street, saying, "Excuse me. Excuse me." Eli said, "We have to wait for the light, lil' man." The boy was confused.

Elsie sitting up like a big girl in a high chair at Cheeburger Cheeburger, a local hotspot. No, the name is not misspelled, but that's part of the reason we've never eaten there before. She was funny. She wouldn't move her head from side to side to look around, just her eyes, as if she were paralyzed.

Elsie is teething. I know it. She puts everything in her mouth.

When Daddy's fingers didn't tast so good anymore, Elsie turned to his cup, licking the condensation off the side. And then she got her teething keys out. And then her place mat.

We walked around downtown seeing all the costumes and just being together as a family. Elsie decided it was time to start metamorphosizing into a butterfly. She started this process upright and then decided caterpillars can have their heads on their daddys' shoulders.

Look at the whole cute costume! The onesie she's wearing under it says, "I Love My Mummy." Just coincidence that the armholes in the costume are at the orange part of the bug.

Home again, exhausted from not really doing anything except being cute. And she's still cute, even when she's exhausted from being that way!

And that was our Allhallows Eve Eve Eve adventure.



Kerry Duty said...

SO CUTE!!! Love the costume and the binkie cover.

Kelly said...

She is SO precious!!

Misty said...

;) Such a cutie!!

Cheryl said...

That's the same picture I put as my screen saver! So I can see her everyday!