Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jazz Hands!

I don't know what I was doing the other night, but Eli was in Elsie's room, changing her diaper and putting her pajamas on. I kept hearing peals of giggles. And more giggles. Whatever I was doing didn't seem so important anymore, so I went in to investigate. This is what I encountered as Eli finished changing Elsie's diaper:

Eli: And we're going to close up the left side...JAZZ HANDS!!! (making said hands)
Elsie: Giggle giggle giggle
Eli: And now for the right side. (pause) JAZZ HANDS!!!
Elsie: Giggle giggle giggle screech
Eli: And we put your left arm in the pajamas.
Elsie: (looks at her daddy expectantly)
Eli: (teasing) And now your left leg. JAZZ HANDS!!!
Elsie: Giggle giggle squeal giggle giggle

I tried making jazz hands, but mine weren't as funny, I guess. :(

Anyway our trip to SoCar was a blast. Eli's cousin got married at the lodge at Table Rock State Park. The weather was beautiful, if a bit chilly, and the views were pretty awesome, too. Here's a picture of all the Beavers at the wedding with the groom and his bride, the newest Beaver:

Of course, Elsie wasn't looking at the camera. So, that's the Beaver clan, minus Paw-Paw and Maria, and the second oldest Beaver brother and his family.



stephanie said...

and i'm invisible.
sad day.
[i knew i wasn't really tall enough to be on the back row]

Beaver said...

Don't be sad.

This isn't the official photographer's picture.

Malcolm and little man didn't make it into this picture either. They were cut off on he right.

Though, you really could have come over on our side and had plenty of room. :)