Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 2014 Debt Update

The first half (the federal half) of our tax refund arrived this month--just in time to have the van checked out, haha. Thankfully, repairs have been minor, and because of that, we were able to put a pretty sizeable chunk (~$2300) onto the last of our loans, bringing the total to just under $12,000! (We ended last month with ~$14,000.) So, upon crunching numbers, we can have this paid off if we can double our snowball payment every month between now and Christmas, which, frankly is completely doable. I can just TASTE our success!

Fifth 10K Chunk, started 4/17/14
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Fundraising Thermometer

The momentum is picking up and we're getting pretty gazelle intense about getting rid of the last of our loans, and we're looking at our budget to see where we can make temporary sacrifices.

Not everything is going, though.  We did decided to spend a little bit of money for some summer activities for the kids so that I can have a little reprieve with the new baby around.  They will be taking a ceramics class once a week starting at the end of May and lasting until mid-July, will be doing swimming lessons for two weeks in June, and then will do a week of art camp at the end of July.  All of this is through the pretty awesome Opelika Parks and Recreation department.  I tried to find activities that they could do together based on their ages to make my life easier.  There will be a whole lot more choices when they both get to school age, but for now, this is enough.  And, of course, there's always the library's summer reading program and a few days at Miss Kay's house.  It will be a full, but restful summer as we keep giving this debt a swift kick in the pants!


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