Saturday, May 17, 2014

2 Weeks of Gladys

Gladys' second week with us was very quiet.  Elsie and Oscar left last Saturday to spend the week with the Beaver grandparents.  It was nice to have someone else watching after the kids for the week so that I could continue to recover from my major abdominal surgery that ushered Gladys into the world.  Though, as the week was drawing to a close, I really wanted my children all in one place, no matter how crazy they make me.  They came home today and were full of stories of zoos, parks, aquariums, grocery stores, was a busy week for them.

While they were gone, Gladys slept most of the time.  When she was awake, she practiced burping--and she's getting better at it (though today I spent a lot of the day covered in milk that came back up with those burps, and I think that's because she's an overeater).

This is a picture of her from today, wearing a onesie that Grandma bought her--a beaver dressed up as a bunny.  My mother-in-law has the craziest knack for finding children's clothes with beavers on them, haha.  Oscar and Elsie each had beaver outfits that she found.

Early this week (Monday?), the outer part of her cord stump separated from the inner part, so she has a crispy disc where her belly button will be once it all heals.  This was a surprise because Elsie's cord stayed on forever.  Hyperbole.  It actually took her stump 34 days to detach and leave a little crispy disc, which didn't last long after that.  So, Gladys is ahead of the game, having her outer part detach at 9 days.

I went out to the breastfeeding support group at the hospital on Thursday.  The main reason for going is to weigh her.  The supplementary reasons are to meet people and sometimes get free stuff--plus it's an excuse to buy my lunch (hello, Chicken Salad Chick).  

Gladys, 12 days old:  9.09 pounds.

Yowza!  I'm starting to appreciate that babies over 8 pounds are actually big babies.  There was another baby there that was 16 weeks old who just now is 10 pounds.  Seriously.  12 days vs. 16 weeks.  (That baby started at a little over 5 lbs.)

She's wearing newborn sleepers for now (though, I predict she will only fit them for another week), and size 0-3 month onesies.  She's in size 1 diapers, and honestly, she never would have fit into newborn sizes...big baby.

So, this concludes two weeks of Gladys.  Next thing you know it will be two years.  Time will fly.


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