Saturday, May 24, 2014

3 Weeks of Gladys

I've been a trooper for three weeks.  Now I'm starting to feel really tired. I need to take more naps.

I kinda' forget what you're supposed to do when baby starts being awake more.  Gladys hasn't started being awake more, yet, but it will come, and I'm a little terrified.  :)  She's still sleeping a lot, and she's still sleeping well.  This is a blessing, indeed.

I also want to add that Gladys' cord stump seems to be coming out in layers.  Last week was the large external cord stump that left an interior disc.  This week, the top of that disc came off, leaving a small scab.  So maybe next week we'll see that cute bellybutton?

We went to the hospital and did a weight check this week.  10.05 pounds!!  The girl loves to eat (and overeat).  She's had spells of major spit-up, but she's putting on weight like a champ, so I'm not worried.  As one of the parenting sites I read said, "It's more of a laundry issue."  Love that, haha. 

Also, Gladys took newborn pictures with my friend Sherina.  (If you got the Christmas card from us two years ago with the kids in green shirts--this was the last Christmas card we did--then you saw what an amazing job Sherina does!)  I'm still trying to beat the curse of the pictureless third child, haha.  

This week Sherina edited one of those old photos to make it "timeless."

We had an amazing morning catching up with Sherina.  Her two youngest kids stair-step my first two as far as ages go, so she was very encouraging and uplifting as we talked about parenting and mothering stuff.  We also made some tentative sanity-saving play dates for the summer.  :)

So, week three was good.  Can't wait to get the pictures back!


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