Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2 Months of O (and one day) and Bowl-a-rama

This whole (and one day) thing is probably getting old, but seriously, I'm doing pretty well to get this puppy updated!

Oscar started out as a really good sleeper, but has improved considerably. Last night, as if in celebration of being two months old, he slept from 8:30 to 5 this morning. I woke up at five to his little cry thinking, "Did I sleep through it?!?" Nah. He just slept all night. :) I don't think I'll get lucky with his sleep again tonight, but we'll see. His 2-month appointment is on Monday morning (when I'm off school), so I will take him, and then take him to the sitter, so stats to come.

On another note, today was the seventh grade first quarter incentive trip: bowling. Last year when I went, I bowled a respectable 106 and 116. Today teachers fit in 3 games, and I tore it up. You wouldn't believe that I hadn't been bowling since last year's trip. Today's scores? In this order: 131, 134, 139. My combined score of all three games was the highest out of ALL the teachers...not that it was a competition or anything. Haha. (It's ALWAYS a competition.) I was really tempted to take my personalized bowling ball to intimidate my colleagues, but the holes are sized for my 13-year-old fingers...from EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO!!! Oh. My. I'm so old.

But just so I have a log of it next year, I started bowling my best when I used the 10-pounder for my first ball, and the 8-pounder for 1-pin pick-ups (10 pounder for 2+).

Oh, there's so much more to share, but it is bed time, and I've learned that while getting up before the sun is tortuous, not getting up on time has consequences. Yikes.

Good night and cheers.

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