Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 month visit, belly buttons and kisses

This morning I took Oscar to the doctor. We went to a new pediatrician today, one that Oscar had seen in the hospital. Our primary pediatrician is a part-time physician and full-time mother, and as our visits to the doctor become more and more infrequent and coincide with my days off of school, it's harder to see her, because she's home with her kids when I'm off work. Anyway, Dr. Taylor has agreed to be our secondary pediatrician. I like her a lot, too. She's not SST, but she's great.

Stats for Oscar at 2 months (9.5 weeks, actually)
Weight: 12 lbs, 15 oz. (almost 13 pounds!!)
Head: 16 inches
And I blanked out on his height, but he's growing and he's in the 75th percentile all the way across. "Equally proportioned" she called him.

One incredible blessing for today is that as I was leaving for the doctor today, I said to myself, "I don't have the $30 to pay the copay for this visit." But as parents, we do what we need to do for our kids, and I was ready to put it on a credit card. As I checked out, the girl didn't ask me for my copay, so I double checked with her. This couldn't be correct, could it? She told me she just goes by what's on the paper and the paper said no money owed. In a small stroke of divine intervention, when my copay on my teacher insurance went up on October 1, the whole plan changed so that well-visits and immunization visits for children are covered with NO COPAY! Wow! They both had appointments on Sept. 13 and I paid two copays that day. Oh, if I had only known... And all maternity care is paid for--no copays! (Not that I'm going to take advantage of that again anytime soon--God willing.) So, if Oscar has just waited six more weeks (ha!) he would have been completely free!

To change the subject, earlier today, I had my camera out and was playing with the different modes. This video does not have sound. My little Nikon doesn't capture sound. But I only asked once, "Elsie, where's your belly button?"

Where's your belly button?
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And in this one, you can see Elsie trying to share her shirt with the cat, and then Oscar. At some point I told her to give Oscar a kiss, and she did. And then she blew me a kiss. :)

Kisses for Oscar, Kisses for You
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