Saturday, October 9, 2010


I've been working on this all day, so here it is:

Eli went this morning to help get things ready at the hunting camp, and I was left with the kiddos. So, last night I left Eli with both children and went the the Kids Clothes Connection fall consignment sale. I was looking for a toddler bed frame (we already have an extra crib mattress) and a double stroller. Alas, the toddler beds were all gone, but there were double strollers. Now, I didn't get the double stroller, though, because I'm not 100% sure what I want. There were two Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem strollers, which I looked at and really liked (particularly that the children can face each other for amusement)--one of them was $150, no discount, and the other was $200 with the potential to be 1/2 price on Friday. BUT, I've also been looking at the Baby Trends Sit N Stand Double Stroller. It doesn't let the kids face each other, but it does have two snack trays and cup holders for the kids, and two cup holders for the parents. I can only find it new at Target, but it's less than the Kolcraft.

So, I will wait until 50% off day, which is next Friday, and see what's left, then decide.

Some things I keep meaning to share about O:
1. Oscar is doing the blond-root thing that Elsie did before she lost all her hair and became blond. I'm a little sad. I wanted a brunette to call my own.
2. O's clogged tear duct has cleared up. I don't know when it happened, but the other day I realized that I haven't had to clean green goo from his eye in a week or two.
3. O is already outgrowing 0-3 month/3 month clothing. I've already put him in 3-6 month clothes some days and he probably only has 2 or three weeks left at the smaller size.

I had some updates about Elsie, but I just can't remember any of them right now. Because though this post says it is afternoon, it's now almost 10 p.m. and I'm going to bed.



Motorcycle grandma said...

Pamela has the Baby Trend. D sits in the front and narrates trip (there's a dog, here comes a blue truck, etc) while A sits in the back trying to reach her brother.
The cup holder doesn't accomodate all of D's sippy cups though. Good Luck! luv ya!

Misty said...

Anna has a clogged tear duct too (I think Micah had one as well), and I keep forgetting to blog about it. Hope it clears up soon :)