Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's a 3rd Birthday, Charlie Brown!

We had Elsie's birthday party on Saturday, though she doesn't turn three until Monday.  It was a joint birthday party with our birthday buddy boy (did a cowboy party with them last year), and it was hosted at our friends' house.  That was such a huge relief.
I used Evite to create the invitation.  Details have been blurred.

I made and frosted the cupcakes myself.
The cupcake toppers were inspired by some
 that I found on Etsy and pinned to my
Pinterest board (below).

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

What I bought to complete the cupcake project:  tiered stand, cake mix, toothpicks, cupcake papers, shortening and powdered sugar.  I had or borrowed all the paper stuffs and punches for the cupcake toppers.

Now for the wall decorations.  In addition to the Charlie and Snoopy pose with the cupcakes, I had my students help me trace enlarged graphics onto butcher paper, and color the pictures.   They hung around the house.

I bought nothing to complete the wall decorations.  Yes.  I'm a paper nerd.  I already had butcher paper at my house.  And student labor was free.

This was a joint birthday party, and both of the birthday buddies wore their Charlie Brown shirts.

Mr. Birthday Boy found Elsie's Charlie Brown
plush and carried him everywhere!

I bought the two t-shirts at Wal-Mart, the sleeved one for about $4 and the sleeveless one for almost $3.  I also bought Elsie's black tiered skirt there.

Then for Monday's celebration at the day care provider, I made treat sacks for the kids.  I used the Snoopy fruit snacks box (from Kroger) and slid it into the white bags I already had, using a Sharpie I already had, and traced Snoopy six times.  I later put each child's name on the bag.

For after birthday dinner, I made a miniature ice cream cake (Wilton Mini Tasty-Fill cake molds, borrowed from friend), and then used the leftover icing from cupcakes to make it look like Charlie Brown.

Will she really be three?!?

This picture was taken and added prior to the consumption of said cake.  :)


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