Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3-year doctor check-up

So, my first day of "official" summer break I had the great responsibility of taking our oldest, our pride and joy, to the doctor for her three-year checkup.  Eli took O to K's house, and Elsie and I ran some errands, got groceries, visited  her daddy at work, and then headed to the doctor's office where Elsie quickly befriended a 5-or-6-year old boy wearing Iron Man 2 sandals, carrying a blue backpack.

"I like your shoes."

"I like your backpack, too."

The boy opened his backpack and showed her his velcro military patches that his soldier friend had given him.

And then it was our turn.  We had talked about it all day.  She might have to take her clothes off (she didn't); she would have to stand very still on a scale so they could weigh her (she did);  the nurse would use this arm on a ruler to measure how tall Elsie was, and she would have to stand up straight and tall (she ducked at first until she figured out that it wasn't going to hurt or hit her in the head); the nurse would take her temperature and probably would try to put it under her tongue, and that it would be really quick (the nurse did try under the tongue, but then took it twice under her armpit because her temp was high--she was feverish).  The one thing that I wasn't sure about was blood pressure, but Elsie was unphased.  She sat there serenely as the cuff squeezed her arm, and she was the model for the nurse after us telling a boy a little bit older that he would get to do that next, sitting still and being a good boy--he seemed excited.

In the exam room, while we waited for the doctor, Elsie was chatty.  When Dr. Taylor came in, E was wound up to true form.  Dr. Taylor said that she was in a little bit of disbelief that Elsie had a fever since she didn't seem to feel sick, and that she definitely wasn't worried about Elsie's ability to communicate (Elsie was animatedly telling her about all the times that she vomited in the last week--where, when, and how).  I told her I also was not worried about either.

And so we left, stopping for Elsie's favorite treat:  a drink from the water fountain.  In fact, this is the one thing that she associates with the doctor's office.  Bizarre.

By the numbers:

Weight:  30 lbs. 4 oz.   (50th percentile)
Height:  36 3/4 inches  (50th percentile)

Is it possible that a child of mine could just be average?!?  ;)


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