Friday, December 9, 2011


In the last week, I had the opportunity to interview for an international studies initiative that sends teachers from Lee County to Korea for a couple of weeks in the summertime to study Korean culture and education. The Korean car industry is king in this part of Alabama, with Kia just a few miles up the insterstae toward Atlanta, and Hyundai about an hour away, just south of Montgomery on I-65. Ajin USA has funded this grant as a way to mutually benefit the school systems and the families of their workers.

I did not get chosen, though the odds were good with only four people interviewing for two spots for my school district. I figured that I may not be chosen since I already have a lot of international experience, so I'm really not all that disappointed. It was going to be a lot of work, and I was overwhelmed thinking about it, but I couldn't have regrets about having an opportunity to apply and not even try!

The reason I'm even mentioning this at all is that I want to look back and reminded that God is faithful. Why I need that reminder, I do not know, since he is faithful all days in all way, but I admit that I'm human. I forget.

So, when I was feeling overwhelmed, like maybe this was not what I needed to be doing, I prayed that the Lord would make the decision very clear--if I was not supposed to go that I wouldn't be chosen for the initiative--since my discernment skills when it comes to something that I want (waaaaah! I'm a big baby) are rather poor.

And you know what? The Lord is faithful. I knew that.


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