Saturday, December 3, 2011

Debt Update

Last month was a good month with some extra income to get us to a third of the way through our first debt thermometer.

First 10K Chunk, started 10/1/11
fundraising ideas
Fundraising Thermometer

We paid off $2234 in debt last month. Looking at the big picture, it seems like nothing. But looking at the small picture, the debt thermometer, that's almost a quarter! And that is exactly why we are using the debt thermometer system. Small victories! Our current debt-load (not including mortgage) is $47,514...and shrinking!

This month will definitely not be as successful, but it's exciting to see that number drop no matter how much debt is being paid off!!

On another happy note, we're in talks with our church elders about offering Financial Peace University at our church. I'm so excited! I hope they let us lead a class!


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