Saturday, April 2, 2011

VA pics

Tomorrow, next week, two weeks...what's the difference? We were in the middle of state testing, and very busy, and I looked up and suddenly it had been two weeks since spring break. What?!? Well, I guess that's the easy way to get through the many weeks without Eli. Speaking of which, we have four more weeks until he's back for 3 days, and then he's gone for six weeks again. But who's counting?

This weekend we are headed to a surprise baby shower for a friend from the breastfeeding group at the hospital from when Elsie was a baby. It's doubling as a playdate, which is wonderful because I otherwise wouldn't have anywhere to leave my children so that I could attend.

So, I promised some pictures of my children. Some of you may have seen these from our trip to VA, but I haven't shared them here, so without further adieu, here are my children.

From the Virginia Discovery Museum (a concept I might like to imitate if I weren't currently teaching..)

Elsie and Oscar at the coloring table purportedly making Mongolian flags (it was part of an exhibit). Elsie just wanted to color.

Oscar inspecting my cell phone and deciding that I needed a new one.

Elsie climbs into a boat-shaped teeter-totter thing and can't figure it out. Later she climbed in with another little girl and kinda freaked her out by rocking the boat.

Amazed by the money going around and around. Elsie loves anything that she can consider money (i.e. flat and round).

Putting a ball into the air tubes to see where the air takes it. This exhibit was at the front of the museum and the kids could put scarves and balls and pompoms in, flipping levers to change the path through the tubes where the object was ejected. It was pretty neat.

We had fun. Eli was in class every day so we had to find ways to keep ourselves busy, so this was a good diversion for Elsie. I somehow managed to not get any pictures any other time while we were visiting Eli. I have more to share from the week at home but I have two screaming babies so I better get to it. :)


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