Friday, April 8, 2011

My friend had her baby...oh, girl, did she..

I mentioned that last weekend we went to a play date that was a surprise baby shower for a friend from breastfeeding support group from when Elsie was little?

She had her baby today! That's exciting! But probably not as exciting as baby girl's arrival story!

I don't know the details, but I do know that S was in labor for under an hour, didn't make it to the hospital in time, and ended up having the baby at home. She said her husband had their 22-month-old in one hand and 911 on the line in the other.

Wow. I'm pretty sure Eli would have not been very helpful had this ocurred with us [edited to add: because he would be passed out on the floor]. Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with this house so close in proximity to the hospital!

Congrats B family!



Elijah said...

Not for lack of trying. I'd merely be passed out unconscious on the floor.

Beaver said...

Sorry. I didn't clarify that. That's exactly what I meant. Haha. If the thought of cutting the umbilical cord makes you woozy, then...

Craig-Jen said...

Craig got sick thinking about cutting the cord, too. haha. What a birth story!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misty said...

Ummm...have you heard Jenny (Scott) Wright's story from baylor? They were doing a home was born 5 minutes before midwife arrive. Tim was on the phone with her and caught the baby! :) 2 older girls were asleep in their bed....middle of the night!

Beaver said...

Misty--Whoa! No, I hadn't heard that story! That's crazy.

Still, it's one thing when you're *planning* a home birth. It's another when it happens unexpectedly! (And, to boot, assisted home births in Alabama are against the law--there are no legally practicing midwives in the state. It's a travesty, at best, because I know there are plenty of women who would *prefer* to have their babies at home.)