Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8 Months of O

We had a sweet dinner tonight with our friend from church and at some point she asked if Oscar was teething. Nah, I said. Elsie didn't get her first tooth until 10 months, and so far O has been behind her in everything.

After dinner I picked him up, since he was starting to get hungry and restless, and he started gnawing on my thumb joint. Ouch! It was sharp!

What? What?!?

O has a tooth! Woot woot! It's his bottom right tooth. The left one is under the surface and should push through pretty soon.

As for my previous statement about him being behind Elsie on everything else, he's still holding the line. He's rolling around like a champ now, with destinations (objects) in mind. He is not getting up on all fours and is not close to pulling up or crawling. He is, however, leaning way over to grab a toy and sitting back up--abdominal muscles are getting stronger! He also likes to stand up, and tonight he really liked standing while holding onto the coffee table.

His little neck is ticklish and he has the sweetest laugh.

He's wearing anything from 6-12 months in size, depending on the brand.

He's still not really eating solid foods, but soon and very soon that will change.

When we got back from spring break I chose not to swaddle him anymore, and he did okay. He's still not sleeping through the night. We'll tackle that when his daddy gets back, or when we get a big girl bed for Elsie. One of those things has to happen soon or I'm going to lose my sanity...

Bedtime for me.


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